Here is what my clients are saying about their personal experience with the Feldenkrais Method®.  Their results are individual to them and may not be true for everyone.

I really credit Julie for helping my youngest daughter, Margo, learn to walk.  Margo has numerous developmental and physical delays due to a health crisis in her infancy.  Just shy of her 3rd birthday, Margo had her regular weekly session with Julie, and went from being a non-crawler, non-walker to walking across the rug — in that single session!  It remains one of the happiest moments of my life.  — P. F.


With subtle and simple “lessons”, Julie teaches your subconscious nervous system to organize and effectuate movement more efficiently.  Through her extensive and artful understanding of the mind-body dynamic, Julie has helped me stand taller, see farther and exercise with far less effort, much better results and significantly less strain and injury.  Her work has improved the quality of my life–every day of my life.  — M.S.


Right before being in Feldenkrais therapy I was considering getting a knee and a hip replacement. Not any more. I can see now pain I thought was coming from bones were really coming from rogue muscle patterns. —  J.S.


I just finished a bit of yoga and the differentiation – wow!!! (especially in the spine and ribs). The freedom and choice and spontaneous variations, oh my!!!!!!! I felt so inspired and free to explore…. the exploration came on its own. How utterly joyous!! I would call it play! I have not known yoga like this!! A feeling of “at home” in my skeleton. Easy maneuverability and easy control of movement as I enter, hold and exit the asana. A calm but focused mind… — J.L. on doing yoga after attending the two day “Somatics On the Mat” workshop

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