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On Cleaning

More and more the things we do to nurture and sustain ourselves get relegated to others, or given short shrift. How fast we can get something done takes precedence over doing that thing well and fully. Generations of women who didn’t “work” outside the home, knew and appreciated the godliness of cleanliness. I remember my grandmother and the pride she took in the whiteness of her sheets blowing on the line in her back yard, my aunt talking about cleaning her kitchen as a spiritual practice, the zen of twice-yearly cupboard cleaning…. To this day, I shake the blues, agitations and angst by clearing a closet, scrubbing a pot, deep cleaning the fridge… The world becomes a little clearer, a little shinier when even one thing is well cleaned.

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Cleaning and doing chores aren’t activities that our culture appreciates much these days, yet Sufi mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee understands housework as being essential for a healthy spiritual life. “As…
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23. Give Yourself Options

Head_TwainLearning how to do something, anything, in one effective and effortless way is the first step to understanding and deep knowing. Once you’ve attained proficiency you’re ready to move beyond the limitations of “one”.

To really know how to do something is to be able to do it several different ways. After all, you never know when you might encounter a circumstance when the tried and true isn’t quite right. Imagine how much more prepared you will be to face the unknown if your skill is broader than a single option.

Once you’re feeling confident in your ability to successfully complete a task, or execute a skill, begin to muck about with other possibilities. Use the tools you have been exploring and see if you can find at least 3 alternatives that are equally (if not more) effective.

Prepare for real life by practicing not just the “one” way you found that worked but the alternatives as well.