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Calm Your Nerves #23 – Change Your Mind

change your mindAct or React?  The choice is yours. When you mindlessly react to events and demands, it’s easy for your nerves to get frazzled.  Not a happy situation but one you can change by choosing a more measured response based on awareness.

Easier said than done?  Perhaps at first.  But like building muscle, starting small and doing a little bit – consistently – increases ability until soon you are able to “change your mind” almost without effort.

Want a recipe for change?

Leave it to the good folks at “Daily Good” to provide the instruction manual. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I’m passing along their tidbit of “goodness”.

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Jog Your Brain

When you’re working out, are you using your brain?

According to Dr. Michael Merzenich, author of, “Soft-Wired – How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life“, chances are you’re NOT. All that jogging, swimming, walking and weightlifting may be good for your muscles and cardiovascular system but they aren’t doing much for your noggin. Ouch.

Merzenich explains that the typical workout with ear buds in place, eyes glued to a screen, or simple motion repetition does little to support brain health. To engage your brain:

Unplug! Use all of your senses. Notice what you are feeling, what is going on around you, what you see, smell, taste, etc. Remember what it felt like last time. Pay attention.

Incorporate balance, stability and flexibility in a single exercise rather than isolate movements that work on only one element.

Change it up. Try different ways of doing and achieving the same thing.

Remember. If your workout is mindless, it’s probably also BRAIN-LESS.

Don’t Worry…

My daughter had me up about 5 times the other night obsessing about something that number one isn’t going to happen for two weeks and number two is something she really likes. Her obsessing mushroomed to full out meltdown. There’s a reason I call her my worry wart! What finally struck me (at about 3 am) was that her obsessing had nothing NO-thing to do with the object of her desire. Instead she was worried about something completely different and completely beyond her control. Once I had the big ah-ha, we were able to talk about her worry and she was able to sleep like a babe. I on the other hand…

Uncovering the REAL reason for their worries is just one of the many ways that people who don’t worry use to keep the warts at bay. Here’s a fascinating look at how to worry less and enjoy more.

For the full article:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/14/dont-worry-strategies-tips-habits_n_5092683.html