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“…failure is social in origin.” Moshe Feldenkrais


Without someone to tell you that your attempts are failures, would you believe that your efforts are anything other than what they truly are – attempts to do something that somehow missed the mark?  possibilities tried and rejected?  personal experiments?  tools for learning rather than fodder for either societal or self-judgment?




“The Master Moves” page 193

19. Let It Go

Conrad_HandDoes your mind latch onto the negative? If so, you’re not alone. Survival instinct has given the human brain a negative bias. BUT you are NOT your bias. YOU, the very human you, have the ability to redirect your focus away from the negative and set your sights on all things positive.

You have the ability to “let go” by re-framing your thoughts and experiences to become tools for learning rather than one more reason to perceive yourself as a failure.

Conduct an informal poll of people who have become successful. Without exception, you will discover that there were many mistakes, false starts, detours and in some cases outright disasters on their path to success. AND YET – they became successful.


By recognizing those things that weren’t success for what they TRULY are – stepping stones TO success.

It takes FIVE positives to counteract each negative. The power to create those positives is in YOUR hands.

Next time something “not success” happens to you, take a moment to re-frame and count your blessings in the form of learning. What did you learn from the experience? If you’ve been attending to your actions and motivations you’ll have lots of options. A new awareness of what you did or the glimmer of a new possibility all count as positive learning moments.

Can’t think of five? Were you paying attention to yourself? Review what you did and why. NOW can you think of five things you learned?

Let go of negative self-talk by re-framing your experiences and seeing them as learning opportunities. Overnight success takes lots of learning.

What did you LEARN today?

Be Inspired

No one could ever accuse me of being athletic but I appreciate what it takes to excel at sports. And leave it to the sports world to provide any number of inspiring stories. The latest is the tale of Brandon Todd who at 5’5″ tall decided to teach himself how to dunk a basketball. No mean feat for sure.

Brandon sums up his philosophy for achievement this way – “Your biggest hurdle isn’t your opponent, it’s yourself.”

Care to be inspired? Share Brandon Todd’s journey and see if you can pick out three big things that helped him reach his goal of dunking better.