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Calm Your Nerves #26 – Bounce

bounceLike it’s rocking cousin, gentle bouncing has a relaxing effect on the body.

Need proof?

Give this a try:

Stand.  Bend at the hip joints and let your arms hang down toward your feet.  Notice how close your hands come to the ground – without stretching.

Come to standing again.

Gently bounce – lifting your heels and letting them drop back to the floor easily, effortlessly and quickly – many times.

Stand.  Repeat bending at the hip joints, letting your arms hang down toward the floor.  Notice now how close your hands come to the ground.  Further?

So what just happened?  When you bounce, you create the conditions for your flexor and extensor muscles to find a new balance.  In other words, you stop working so hard.  And working smarter, not harder, leads to ease.