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Calm Your Nerves # 13 – Change Your Mind

change your mindAttitude IS everything!

A calmer, happier you could be as simple as changing your mind.

Keep telling yourself you’re down, that life is hard, that everything is bad, sad and makes you mad and, like it or not, you’ll begin to believe your story.

Like skilled thespians on the stage of life, your body and mind follow the script you create.

What you SAY is definitely what you GET.

Want to change your mood? Try changing your mind.

Give it a try:

Next time you need a mood adjustment, try rewriting your story.
Instead of “the world is out to get me” give yourself permission to cop a new attitude.

Try these options on for size:
“Of course I can.”
“I love a good challenge.”
“I see the silver lining.”
“Watch me flip this on its head.”
“I do love a good drama.”
“Man, I can act!”
“Me to the rescue.”

Create your personal “super-hero” story and soon you’ll fine yourself believing and living it!

Change your life by changing your attitude!

Play’s THE Thing!

To mangle Shakespeare, PLAY is THE thing!

Another famous mind, Albert Einstein, once famously declared, “Play is the highest form of research.”

What makes play,play and work,work? And what if work WERE play?

Most of us have been brainwashed into believing that we have to work to make a living. Worse, we’ve come to believe that time spent playing is frivolous and not worthy to be called “real work”.  But what is “work”?

To a physicist, work is what happens when a force is applied to an object. A force is applied and the object moves. Work happens. Hmmm. By strict physical definition a lot of what goes on during a typical day at the office really isn’t work at all. Other than punching computer keys or shuffling a few papers most office workers aren’t applying force.  Nothing moves. All that brain power isn’t work at all.  Lets’ take a closer look.

Imagine yourself and your fellow cubicle rats sitting around a table discussing the latest metrics.  Are you working?  Not a bit.  You aren’t applying any force and nothing is moving.

“AH-HA. That confirms it! Meetings are a waste,” you declare. Maybe, maybe not. They certainly aren’t work in the physical sense. But those same meetings could be play.

Play?  One of the simplest definitions of play is to engage in an activity.  Engage is the operative word. Most often we expand the definition of play to mean -“to engage in an activity for enjoyment or as a game.”

Unlike work, play does not require physical force or movement. It’s the attitude of engagement, the fuller the better, and the sense of treating an activity as a game that makes for play. What is stopping you from making play of that meeting?