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Slow Mo

What happens if you take a few moments to live in slow motion?

You might find your world opening up.  You might find you notice yourself doing things you never realized you did.  You might find that some of those things you do are getting in the way of what you would like to do.  You might find yourself growing in awareness until you can catch yourself the moment before you act.  You might find that slowing down and noticing give you options you never knew you had.

That’s what happens during Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class.  For sure the movements can seem peculiar.  They weren’t when you were a child.  The lessons, done in slow motion and increasing awareness are based on natural movements, part of our shared human developmental repertoire.  The impact of doing them can be incredible.  How so?

Here is an interesting article on one woman’s journey from pain to ease.

For you yoga practitioners – I’m not suggesting you give up something you love.  I don’t believe in an either/or kind of world.  I simply suggest you give ATM a try.  Who knows, maybe your yoga practice itself will become deeper and more effective.

Freeing Your Hips in Minutes

It seems the more sedentary our lifestyles become the more hip and knee problems we accumulate. The good news is there is a quick solution to improving the vitality of your joints.

With thanks to fellow practitioner, Jodie Krantz from Down Under, here is a version of one of my very favorite Feldenkrais lessons. Listen and do to free your own hip joints.

The Fine Print
I realize videos bear the temptation of simply watching rather than doing. I also know many of you aren’t always clear about the movements being requested. So, yes, this is a video and NO, simply watching isn’t going to improve your mobility. You’ve got to take the plunge and try it for yourself. My suggestion: watch the video through one time (it’s only 11 minutes), then lie on the floor and listen as you do. If you get confused, you can always stop the video and rewind a bit to observe the movement. Return to the floor and continue your own exploration. Remember, the person doing this lesson is a Feldenkrais Practitioner. This is what she does for a living and her ability to move may not be the same as yours. Please stay in a range that is comfortable and easy for you. Doing too much, too quickly won’t help you internalize the movements and make them your own. Honor yourself and your process and above all –Have FUN!

Okay — why the Aussie? Notice that listening to someone with an accent makes you attend more fully? That’s the point. The more neurons you engage in the process of learning, the more fully you will absorb the lesson. Plus, Jodie is charming in any accent!