Let Life Options help your group or organization learn to stress less, be their best and adapt to change.  Choose one of our Signature Programs or let us create a workshop or presentation just for you.

Life Options Signature Programs


These off-the-shelf presentations and programs are a great way to help your people de-stress and be their best.  Most are offered in multiple formats.

Calm Your Nerves: A Body Centered Approach to Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Tension

How you are wired emotionally affects how you move. Likewise, how you move affects your emotions. Imagine if you had a few simple things you could do to quiet your nervous system so that both your mind and your body could feel more comfortable, even in the middle of a challenge.

Offered as a two-hour workshop.
Customizable to both presentation and multi-day formats.

Powerful Presence – Move Into Your Power

In this workshop, you will use awareness and movement to experience the possibility of shifting your patterns of muscular contraction to attain a more neutral stance and emotional state. This sense of neutrality in carriage and emotion is felt and observed as having a powerful presence. From this place of neutrality, you unburden yourself from unnecessary muscular effort and emotional constraint, and free yourself to respond appropriately to life.

Offered as a full-day workshop for women who wish to fully embody their sense of self. Can be customized to both presentation and multi-day formats, and can be tailored to a general as well as a women-only audience.

How to Do Anything Better

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to do or what skill you want to improve. There are certain principles that, if followed, create the conditions for change and set you up for success. Learn the secrets that lie behind success – in any endeavor.

Developed as a one-hour presentation. May be expanded to either a longer workshop or multi-day program.

Learning to Learn

Learning is a process. It begins with being able to observe what “is” without judgment or expectation. From an organizational perspective, a neutral background opens a field of possibilities that don’t exist when habit and preconceived notions limit opportunity and ideas. Together we’ll examine the foundations of learning and use movement as a metaphor for effecting lasting and positive change.

Offered as a one-hour presentation. Can be expanded into a one- or multi-day experiential workshop.

Options for Ease

Sometimes simple is all you need.  Bring yourself back to physical and mental calm with these easy mini-moves.  Using your natural learning processes, these gentle movements can be used throughout the day to interrupt habitual patterns and reduce muscular effort, freeing your body and mind for more joyful living.

Offered as either a workshop, multi-week class series or as on-going e-mail reminders.

Live a more Colorful Life

I love, Love, LOVE color. Nothing makes me happier than helping you find the colors that speak to you and make your world an expression of you. Using a process of creative self-discovery, we work together to uncover your color sensibility, learn which tones and shades speak to you, and unlock your color world. From what you wear to how you decorate, you can color your world with rich, supportive hues. Let me be your personal color guide.

Life Options Custom Programs


Programs specifically designed with your needs in mind.  Here are a few examples of past custom programs.

The Mind-Body Connection: Reducing Stress

presented at The Chicago Bar Association

May, 2017

Includes practical standing and at-your-desk seated awareness movements, workshopping specific body-based actions that you can practice in the privacy of your office, hotel room (for road warriors), at home, even in the courtroom.


Learning Begins with Awareness

presented at In2:InThinking Network Annual Forum

June, 2016

Get on the floor and experience for yourself what it’s like to be a child again – moving for movement’s sake, organically learning to move in ways that allow the difficult to become easy and the easy elegant.

For people interested in “organic learning”

Full Workshop Description

  As someone fortunate to have hosted Julie on several occasions for our annual international Forum, I can attest to her heartfelt enthusiasm for engaging the attendees of her sessions, both physically and mindfully.  Her facilitation shines through with her preparation of the material, as well as herself.  Our attendees count on her to provide them with a very special learning experience that extends well beyond the time in her session. 

Bill Bellows, President, In2:InThinking Network,

June 2016

Keep Calm and Move On

presented at The Feldenkrais® Method Conference

July, 2016

Have you ever said to a friend, “I’m so stressed out”? If so, then this workshop is for you!

The complexities of modern life take a toll. I see it every day in my practice and in my own life. There’s so much that needs to be done to simply maintain the status quo. Add to that the impact of illness, finances, caring for loved ones…and you can see pretty quickly that life adds up to a lot of stress!

Not that stress is bad – it can actually be a positive force. My favorite definition of stress is the one Kelly McGonigal uses in her book, The Upside of Stress, “Stress is what arises when something you care about is at stake. It is a biological state designed to help you learn from experience.”

Learning is the essence of the Feldenkrais Method. I’m focused on offering people real-life applications for the Feldenkrais philosophy. I want to make the idea of “learning how to learn” more accessible to people. I want to help people understand that they have options.

At the end of the workshop, participants will leave with a tool kit of ideas and simple actions to take whenever they feel like it’s all getting to be too much. We will focus on movement-based strategies that help to calm the nerves and keep you humming along. Whenever I teach this material participants comment on how they have found it useful for dealing with health issues, family issues, stress at work, coping with the death of a spouse and many other situations.

Read an interview with Julie about the workshop

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