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Calm Your Nerves

Are you “stressed out” all the time?

What if I told you that the body sensations of stress and anxiety are part and parcel of being human?

What you experience as stress and anxiety is simply your body’s way of giving you information and preparing you to take action. Sometimes those feelings are uncomfortable. Still, there’s no need to shoot the messenger. Instead, you can learn to use your feelings as guides to appropriate action. And, when action isn’t possible, you can release yourself from anxiety’s clutches by learning body-based approaches to calming your nerves.

Simple, practical ways to reduce stress and create ease in your life.

Available as a lovely printed book or ebook.

Options for Ease

A series of short lessons designed to bring you back into your body and create ease of movement.

These can be used throughout the day to interrupt habitual movement and posture habits.

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