Options For Ease


Feldenkrais® lessons are designed to integrate the body into a harmonious whole so that whatever you want to do, you can do with more grace and ease. Instead of looking at an injured arm or a golf swing or anxiety or the ability to turn as separate problems to be solved, The Method investigates the how and what of any particular function – Exactly how do you put weight on your feet when you start to swing that racket?  How do you breathe when you are feeling anxious?  What do you do with your head when you’re getting up from sitting in a chair?  We look at the big picture including the tiniest elements of what you do and how you do it.  Then we begin to mess with the underlying pattern by asking one little thing to change.  That little shift causes a ripple through the whole system – everything else along the chain of action has to do something just a little bit different to accommodate.  Shift happens and the whole learns that there are simpler, easier ways of doing and being.  As you do, and attend to how and what you do, you create options for yourself – options for ease.

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