Learn to change habits,
de-stress and move with ease

You can change your life.

Modern Neuroscience is teaching us that our brains (and bodies) are far more changeable than we once believed. Your choices, habits and patterns of being and moving are not cast in stone.  They are simply learned responses that can be transformed into something new.

Ask anyone who has tried to change a well-worn habit and they will probably tell you that just knowing it is possible to change doesn’t make it one bit easier to actually change.

What if I told you that there is an approach that works. An approach that you knew as a kid but have forgotten.

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Feldenkrais® Awareness Summit
May 1 – May 8

I am honored to be part of this Amazing group of people.

Hope you can join me for this FREE LIVE event!

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Breathing Through Anxiety

Experience an expanded version of my popular workshop ONLINE.

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