About Julie

Pay attention to what you do, sense and feel and you begin to identify patterns and habits.  You also awaken your brain to the possibility of real change.  You set in motion the dynamics of learning.

Take a look at any child.  Watch her at play and you quickly realize that something much deeper is going on. Seemingly random actions, repeated and modified over time develop into real skills.  Children instinctively know that play is the foundations of learning.  Yet this wisdom is often lost as we transition into adulthood.

You can swap your existing habits and patterns for new ones.  You have the ability to take actions that support you in achieving your goals and dreams.  All it takes is remembering what you knew as kid.

About Me

A while ago I was interviewed for the local paper. The reporter caught me off guard by asking next to nothing about what I did. Instead she asked about my favorite book – “The Phantom Tollbooth”; movie – Bread and Tulips, and other bits and bobs about my interests. I’m an architecture junkie with an eye for color and design who once got her fix by volunteering as a docent for the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

The nuts and bolts of my past include degrees in Environmental Engineering and Urban and Environmental Studies, programs in Interior Design and Personal Coaching, stints on the east coast and Europe, and a panoply of adventures too numerous to mention.

The Feldenkrais Method® popped into my life in the early 1990s while I was searching for a way to help my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. Though I came to the Method to help her, I stayed because of all the positive changes it effected in me. Though many know the Method for it’s physical effects, I’m intrigued by the power of the Method to affect positive change in all areas of life. Since 1992, I’ve been guiding others in discovering their potential for positive change – from learning to let go of habitual patterns, to reducing anxiety, to creating the life they want – hidden within themselves.

Life Options is the culmination of my love of color, architecture and design, science and puzzles – all married to my deep curiosity and knowledge of how the body works and how we learn. Together we can wake up your innate potential to bring more ease, more joy, more play into your life.

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