The Aspired Life

Did you ever have an idea popped into your head and then hang on for dear life?  Kinda like a song that plays and replays until your brain begins screaming, “Shut that off!

It happened to me today.  I was reading my Facebook feed and noticed a quote…

The space in which we live
should be for the person we are becoming now.
Not for the person we were in the past.”
– Marie Kondo


My gut reaction:

Who do you wish to become? 
Decorate accordingly.

Flippant?  Perhaps.  But the quote and my response spoke to me on the deepest level.

I’m all about simplicity and ease.  I thrive in the presence of beauty.  I love to create, to combine the beautiful in ways that bring to life an elegant simplicity.  Oh, how I aspire to actually live in the way I desire, surrounded by the objects of my desire.  Simply.  Elegantly.

Life, at least mine, is far from the simple, elegant, graceful orchestration I imagine… and which my heart cries out for.  My space is too full (by my personal standards not by the standards of most people) of things and doings that do not support or nurture me.  My life too void of those things and people which do.

The Kondo quote kept tracking, it’s groove running deeper until I realized:  I can.  I CAN live an aspired life – my aspired life – the life I aspire to.  Perhaps not in one fell swoop but in time.  All it takes is to begin…

A series of questions arose.  The path out of the maze of discontent and into my aspired life.  I invite you to join me as I ask these questions of myself and answer with simple actions that in their simplicity (and ease) are at once integral to and necessary to attaining – scratch that – living (l-i-v-i-n-g) the life I aspire to.

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