Pay Attention

“…attention is what confers interest and vitality upon life…” – Marion Milner

Marion Milner spent seven years (though one could reasonably argue it turned into a lifetime) chronicling what it meant to live her own life.  In the process she discovered this simple truth – letting go of what we think we should be and do, surrendering to what is with our eyes ever open to our internal conversation, yields an understanding of what truly makes us happy.

Milner invites us all to simply observe our actions, our world, whatever draws our attention, to acknowledge all the thoughts that pass through without judgment, to see and admit whatever shows up.  Happiness and its companions less stress and struggle are not found in fighting the complexities of life but rather in embracing them.  When we resist by rejecting or turning a blind eye, we allow tension to build within us.  By keeping our eyes open and attending to what is right in front of us, by listening to our heart’s reaction, our path forward becomes clear.  Sometimes we change direction, sometimes we simply sit with the “this is”, sometimes we stay the course.  Regardless whatever shows up, by accepting we blunt the anxiety, fear and tension our denial builds within us.

This new year simply pay attention.  Notice what arises within you.  Embrace it all.  Live joyously.

For more insights by Marion Milner, I recommend reading:

Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

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