High Gloss

Door – London, England photo courtesy Ari He

If you’ve ever lusted after those gorgeous European doors featured on posters and highlighted in decor mags everywhere, you’ll be thrilled to know I’ve discovered their secret!

While on a busman’s holiday helping my dearest friend manage the design and decor decisions for her new house, we stumbled into an amazing paint store – Ricciardi Brothers in Morristown, NJ.  And what should they have on display but one of said doors, painted (with brush mind you) a deep glossy black.  I couldn’t help but pet it.  Smooth as silk and gleaming.  I was in color heaven.  The brush strokes were almost invisible and I could only imagine how magnificent the finish would be had it been sprayed.

The secret – an oil-based enamel from Fine Paints of Europe.  Unlike their American counterparts, the base for FPoE colors is clear.  Here in the USA paint base is generally opaque – think white or grey resulting in less vivid and often grayed colors.  Using a clear base allows for the deep rich and true colors associated with European doors.  An enamel finish results in the incredible gloss.  Colors can be matched to just about anything.  The company offers oodles of color decks — my Christmas wish list runneth over — including one to match the Pantone color spectrum.

So if you’re in the market for a truly spectacular color check out Fine Paints of Europe.  BTW – they aren’t limited to enamels.  The company also offers a line of interior acrylics.  Personally, I can’t wait to start painting!

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