Be Your Own Lab Rat – Ditch Your Electronics


Sleep, deep restful sleep, is becoming a scarce commodity. We all want it. Yet, for many of us. it seems the impossible dream. But it needn’t be so.

Resting easier may be as simple as ditching your electronic devices. Did you know that the light coming from your phone, tablet, computer and other electronics sends signals to your brain telling it to “wake up”? Even with screen filters, your brain receives conflicting messages when you send a text, check your email, or play Words With Friends as you’re preparing for bed. Give your brain a gift and a clear signal that you’re ready for shut-eye by dimming the lights and turning off all electronics at least one full hour before bedtime. The world won’t end if messages wait until morning. For peace of mind, let your peeps know you’ll be shutting down early.

Be Your Own Lab Rat Challenge:

Give it a try:

One hour before bedtime:
Dim the lights.
Turn off all electronic devices.
Go old school – read, relax, knit, unwind with a hot bath, sip herbal tea, meditate.
When you’re ready, climb into bed.
Feel yourself being supported.
Pull up the covers and snuggle in for a good night’s rest.

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