Calm Your Nerves #9 – Bathe Your Tongue

bathe tongue_2When you’re under stress, your mouth becomes dry.

That knowledge gives you power. Knowing that it’s natural to experience dry-mouth when you’re anxious, means you can do the opposite to trick your brain into thinking all is well and that it’s okay to let down your guard, i.e., relax.

Give it a try:

Close your lips, letting your teeth remain slightly apart.
Suck strongly to create saliva.
Bring the saliva to form a pool at the front of your mouth.
Let the tip of your tongue rest in the pool of saliva.
Feel the natural changes as they begin to occur – deeper breathing, release of facial tension, relaxing shoulders, etc.

When you’re ready, swallow and let go.

Can’t generate saliva on your own? Try a sip of warm water.

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