Calm Your Nerves #7 – Exercise

exerciseYou knew it. You just knew it. That dirty little “E” word was lurking around somewhere. Sigh.

Now that the proverbial gym shoe has fallen, it’s time to take a look at exercise and anxiety.

Studies are conclusive – exercise does enhance your mood and reduce anxiety. But how?

It seems that the very same neurotransmitters that cause havoc with your nerves when you’re floundering about are the very same ones that give you get up and go when you decide to push your body a bit. Go for a walk, a run, do a few jumping jacks – anything that gets your heart rate up – and you put those neurotransmitters to work FOR you. Then when you stop, your body hits reset and you’re flooded with neurotransmitters that support you in relaxing and unwinding.

Hit your own RESET button by setting yourself in motion. Choose something you enjoy for an even greater boost. And to maximize the calming effect, have a friend join you.

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