Calm Your Nerves #6 – Palming to Soothe Your Eyes

palming_1Texting, Twittering, email, tv, video games, spreadsheets — oh,my! Whether done for fun or profit, all those screens narrow your focus and place a lot of demand on your eyes. And your nervous system.

Did you know that your nervous system is wired to create that same intensity of focus when you’re challenged? A great thing when racing to meet a deadline, but not so great when you want to chill.

Check it out: Stare intently at your screen for a few moments. Notice what happens in your neck, shoulders, back and with your emotions. Do you sense tightness creeping in? Maybe you even noticed yourself holding your breath.

The solution to calming your nerves is as simple as soothing your eyes. Here’s a quick and easy tip.

Briskly rub your hands together until your palms begin to feel hot. Close your eyes. Cup your hands (as if you were going to scoop up water.) Place your now warm palms over your closed lids eyes completely blocking out all light. Rest like this until you feel your tension melt away.

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