Calm Your Nerves #5 – Reach for the Sky

reach for skyWhy wrestle with your emotions when simply changing what you do with your body can shift how you feel?

If you’re feeling down, out or anxious, chances are you’ll find your shoulders slumped, back humped and head hanging. There may be tightness in your belly, your lower back might ache or you may be experiencing neck and jaw tension. You may even find you’re fighting with yourself to maintain an upright position, wishing instead that you could curl up into a ball or slouch into a cushy chair.

When you’re ready to shift your mood and allow ease to creep into your body, give this simple exercise a try.

Option 1:Static Reaching

Make a mental note of what your body is doing and the corresponding emotions you’re feeling.

Reach both arms upward toward the sky.
Let your head tilt back and your eyes look upward toward the moon.
Hold this position for a slow count of ten.
Drop your arms and check in with yourself.
Are you feeling more at ease?

Option 2: Dynamic Reaching

Check in with your body, noticing where you hold tension and how you are feeling.
Reach both arms upward toward the sky.
Turn your head and eyes to look toward your left hand.
Let your head and eyes very slowly follow the length of your left arm from hand to shoulder.
Follow the path across your chest and up the length of your right arm to your right hand.
Reverse the process. Slowly let your head and eyes trace the path from your right hand, along your right arm, across your chest and up your left arm to your left hand.
Repeat 3 or 4 times.
Let your arms drop.
What has changed?
Are you feeling more relaxed in body and mind?

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