Calm Your Nerves #4 – Knit

knitIn olden times, say back in your grandmother’s day, there was a wise old saying that went like this – “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” It was a cautionary tail about idleness leading to mischief. Maybe, maybe not. But if you think of the devil as the personification of anxiety the saying definitely gains cred.

Busying your hands – whether it’s knitting, crocheting, making paper cranes, cooking, etc. – at an activity that also engages your mind, has been shown to reduce the grip of anxiety. Making “art” is akin to meditation in its positive effects on the brain and on mood.

So break out the yarn and knitting needles, dive into those craft supplies and make some art! You’ve got nothing to lose – with the exception of, just possibly, your anxiety.

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