Calm Your Nerves #1 – Hold Your Breath

hold your breathChances are you are doing it anyway. Restricted breathing is one of the hallmarks of anxiety. So rather than let a natural response get the better of you, why not turn the tables.

By taking conscious control of your automatic response to hold your breath, you are gently showing your nervous system, “this is what you do.” When your system gets the message, it responds by letting go into deeper breathing. And greater ease.

Give it a try:

Without doing anything special, simply stop breathing. Hold your breath until you feel the urge to breathe. Then let go and notice how much deeper and easier your breath has become. And how much more relaxed your body feels.

Repeat two or three times if you like. Each time, let the movement be simple – no need to take a deep breath or exhale completely. Trying to make this simple movement more complex by trying to take a deep breath can work against you.

Teach yourself ease by sticking to the simplest possible variation. Stop what you are doing – breathing; wait until you feel the urge to breathe; let go.

What happens?

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