20. The Pleasure Principle

Spock_ArrowHow do you know you are on the “right” path?

The answer may surprise you.

When you are assessing your actions and taking stock of what you are doing, let pleasure – yes, PLEASURE – be your guide.

Pleasure? That pseudo-four-letter word that smacks of self-indulgence and laziness and, and, and…? Yes! THAT pleasure.

Pleasure, the sense of ease and flow that comes when you are NOT striving and struggling, deepens your breathing and opens your neuronal circuits to allow you to learn – fully and deeply. Pleasure allows you to feel and take satisfaction in your accomplishments.

Pleasure is not synonymous with laziness. Quite the contrary. If you find true pleasure in what you are doing aren’t you motivated to do more? With doing more comes more opportunity to learn. Learning becomes “organic”. It happens without you forcing or striving.

Pleasure brings joy. If there is no joy the question is begged, “Why are you pursuing this goal?”

Is this something you must learn? How can you bring joy to the process?

Hint: Let go of effort, move slowly and easily toward your goal and above all – look for pleasure.

1 thought on “20. The Pleasure Principle

  1. A complex concept made clearer and the pleasure path is always much nicer.


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