11. Have Fun/Play/Explore

T.S.-Elliott_StarWhat is play but a series of experiments done for no other reason than the pleasure of it all. To the mature, dare I say cynical, mind all that mucking about may seem pointless. Yet play is critical to the development of skill.

Play means giving up the notion that there is one “right” way of doing something. Instead, it means experimenting with many many possibilities, trying each one on for size then casting off each in favor of another or another until voila, a success of some sort is achieved.

Trying is always accompanied by tension and strain. You feel the pressure in your temples, the tightness in your neck. Aches and pains and worries add up. All are signs of trying too hard. Play, on the other hand, is an inherent lightness and ease that brings harmony to your every action. The solution to stress – PLAY!

Let your actions be small, easy, joyful. Toss out the notion of perfection. Mistakes are detours to discovery. The more you make, the more you learn. Taking little risks increases the likelihood that you will discover a way of doing and being that is even better than you imagined. Put into perspective – some of the greatest inventions in the world were discovered by accident. Imagine!

Young brains learn through play. So do older ones.

What’s stopping you from doing the same?

Can you give yourself permission to try something in a way that is slightly different from what you have always done? Can you find a way to make what you are doing light and “playful”?

Hint: Instead of following the “rules”, see what happens if you make a slight change in action. Risk just a little. Assume an attitude of “look and see.” Banish competition in favor of noticing what happens when you allow.

Pleasure and joy are byproducts of play. They are not for children only.

Let your heart sing. Let your spirit burst with joy. PLAY!

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