10. Pause Often

Curie_TriangleRemember where you were when you started?

If you fixate on your goal you might find yourself getting discouraged that you’re not there yet.  You might not realize how far you’ve actually come.

Pause every once in a while to take a look at what you have achieved and to acclimate yourself to the new scenery.  Maybe it’s time to take a little detour.  Perhaps you need to change your pace.  Pausing gives you a chance to examine, re-assess and re-direct.  To start fresh from where you are.  To KNOW where you are.

You don’t need to analyze every detail.  Your pause needn’t be long.  Think of it as a scenic overlook.  A chance to look back AND look ahead.  A place from which to take in the vista, catch your breath, refresh and honor yourself for your accomplishments so far.

Then, with renewed appreciation for how far you’ve come, step back on your path.

How far have you come?  What changes do you notice?  How will you honor your achievements?

2 thoughts on “10. Pause Often

  1. I really enjoyed your post today, Julie.


  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my musings. Thank you for letting me know. Very soon I will be embarking on the great editing adventure and molding this blog into an actual book. Having your input helps a lot. Merci.


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