9. Put Your Heart Into It

Dr.-Suess_HeartNow for the BIG disclaimer — Half-assed isn’t good enough.

To truly accomplish great things, no matter how big, no matter how small, you’ve got to pour your heart into your efforts. What you are doing has to have meaning.  The kind of meaning that makes what you are doing matter – to YOU. Yes, what you are doing has to matter to you.

Sure it’s nice if your boss or your parents or your 3rd grade teacher give you kudos and encouragement. But if you really, really are set on doing something better, then what you are trying to accomplish must matter to you. Why? Because if it doesn’t it becomes work, just another job to be done, another task in a long line of tasks that you do because you think you have to.

If you’re doing something simply to please someone else, even small bumps in the road – and make no mistake, there will be bumps – will leave you feeling beaten rather than bruised. Bruises you recover from quickly – pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get on with it. Battered and beaten? If it comes to that and you haven’t got passion – well, what’s the point?

If you find yourself blaming, making up stories, losing focus, it’s time to ask yourself – does what I am doing really matter to me?

If yes, wrap your heart around it and keep on keeping on.

If not, maybe it’s time for a slight shift in your course.

Ask yourself, “How can I embrace what I am doing? How can I bring my heart to the task at hand? How can I do this in a way that is authentic to me?”

Remember, too – this is about loving what you do, not necessarily liking it. Love what you do as a parent loves a child, as a pet owner loves their pet. Stand by yourself and your actions as though they really matter to you because – they DO.

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