8. Challenge Yourself – But NOT Too Much

Connery_MountainThis is the great paradox of learning – If you do more than you can do with ease, you set yourself up to fail.  If you focus on ease, you will achieve.

You might read this as an invitation to laziness or an excuse to take the “easy way” out.  It isn’t.  To succeed at anything requires stepping out of your comfort zone – but by degrees not in a single bound.

So stick your neck out a little bit at a time.  Build to your ultimate goal (or possibly even beyond) one successful step after another.

Your brain likes to feel successful.  It’s up to you to make that possible.

What is one little change, one tiny little change, that you can make to shift your course and head more in the direction you want to go?  Does it still feel too big?  Choose something smaller and smaller until you find the confidence within yourself to make that one change.  Take a deep breath.  Do it.

The more you build these little successes the easier change will become.  Keep creating little challenges and soon you’ll find yourself sailing along, tacking with the winds, wondering why you were so afraid to take that first step.

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