7. Go Slowly

Voltaire_LineWhat’s your hurry?

Change is a process.  Even if it is thrust upon you, especially if it is thrust upon you, it can’t be assimilated in one easy go.  To learn to do something – anything – better takes time.

Like taking small steps, going slowly gives you options.  It gives you the ability to truly attend to what you are doing and make adjustments as necessary.

On the way to developing proficiency and skill even the most rapid action done in slow motion will teach you more about what you are doing and give you more control than all the hurry in the world.  So slow down.  Set a pace that is easy.  Let change evolve.

As the new becomes familiar you will find that speed – and power – will emerge spontaneously. Until then, take your time. Let go of efforting and enjoy the process. Life, like learning, is in the doing, not the achieving.



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