5. Embrace Imperfection

Armstrong_ArrowAre you worried about doing things “right”?

You have lots of company. The world is full of people who freeze, who impose arbitrary and often uncomfortable restrictions on themselves because they are afraid to risk doing something that isn’t just so.

Ask yourself – What IS right? What IS correct?  Chances are the answers will depend on the unique circumstances of the moment.

Perfection is a myth.  It’s neither obtainable nor sustainable.

To reframe – If you got everything “right” the first time you tried, what would there be for you to learn?  Above all, your brain is a learning machine.  It thrives on novelty and variety.  It learns through trial and error.

Get everything correct the first time you try and you learn nothing. Worse, you diminish yourself to the level of a programmed machine without the ability to adapt or think for yourself.  In the end, you wouldn’t be real.

So – Set your personal standards high and step onto the path of achieving your dreams.

Along your journey be cautious that you not be caught up in the trap of perfection.  Realize that perfection does not exist outside of your wildest imaginings.  It gives you something to aim toward but is itself not a goal.

Imperfection on the other hand is perfect. It’s what makes you human. It’s what makes you likeable and loveable. Whatever you are doing at this moment is perfect for what you are doing at this moment. Given the choices you made in the past, the present outcome is exactly who, how and where you should be.

Accept that and the possibilities are endless.

What will it take for you to be willing to put aside your desire for perfection?

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