3. Put Aside Your Story

Ingraham_WavesAs you noticed the how and what of what you actually do, did you find yourself getting caught in “yeah, but…”

Did you catch yourself finding excuses? Or telling a story about WHY ?

Did you catch yourself blaming others? Or implicating them in the “how” and “why” of where YOU are right now?

It’s easy to blame.  It’s natural to want to tell your story.  Yet, NONE of that is important!

Let it all go.

Simply accept that you are HERE. NOW.

Accept.  Acceptance.  For many, acceptance smacks of defeat.  Or worse – complacency.

But the two are not synonymous.

The sooner you realize that acceptance is not the same as complacency, the sooner you’ll be on the road to achieving your goals.

Accepting what is means taking responsibility for yourself without blaming yourself or others. Once you accept responsibility for yourself, you have the power to change. Absent that you risk getting caught up in blaming or expecting others to take responsibility for your actions, desires and outcomes.

It may help to remember that for every story you concoct about your part in the drama of your life, there is an equal and opposite story told by someone else. Which is true?

It matters only that you realize that your “truth” is nothing more than a story fabricated from limited information. That is not to say that others’ actions don’t affect you. They do. Nor is it saying that justice need not be served when harm is done. It should. But neither justice nor the actions of others are necessary for you to move forward.

To make your journey forward lighter and easier, put down the burden of your stories. Release blame and make it your intention to focus on yourself, your actions and the goals you set for yourself. Take the color out of the roles other people and events have played so you can focus on the here and now AND where you want to go.

How will you let go of your story?

Do you like to spin a yarn? How about re-writing your tale putting yourself in charge, making yourself responsible for EVERYTHING that happens. Can you do that without blaming yourself? or others?

Stories sneak in on little cat feet tripping you up as you travel on. How will you remain vigilant? More importantly, how will you gently set them aside?

A few ideas. Create a story box with a slit in the top to act as a repository for all your tales of woe. Write them down and slip them inside never to be seen again. Write your story and set the paper afire. Watch as your tales go up in smoke. Tell your story 3 different ways. Notice how details change with each telling. Which is correct? No one will ever know.

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