So You Want to Do Something Better

HenryFord_StarIt doesn’t matter what you are trying to do or what skill you want to improve. There are certain principles that, if followed, create the conditions for change and set you up for success.

Over the next few months you will see these principles unfold and build.  The slow unveiling makes it easy for you to follow along, and actually practice changing something you do for the better.

The first step in making any conscious change is deciding what you would like to do better.  So, put on your thinking cap.

What would you like to learn to DO better?

Did you have a ready answer or did you hesitate?  Are you afraid to give voice or thought to your heart’s desire?  Once again…

What would YOU like to learn to do better?

Write it down.  Scream it from the rooftop.  Mumble it into your coffee.

Expressing your dream draws a line in the sand.  It makes it real.  It makes it possible.  And, it subconsciously sets your brain the task of solving the riddle of making it happen.  Holding back on expressing your un-avowed dreams stifles your creative juices.

The first step to doing better is knowing WHAT you wish to do better.

Once you know what, the next question is how.  Not HOW will you DO better.  That’s what this book is about.  No, the real question is: How will you know it IS better?

Take the time to ponder, journal, cogitate, chew, discuss, dissect.  What would it take for you to see (and sense) that what you wish to do better actually IS better?

This is your chance to dream.  Imagine yourself doing whatever it is you want to improve.  How will you know you are doing it better?   How will YOU know?  Forget about how will someone else know. This is about you, your ability to observe what you do and your ability to shift your patterns of behavior to achieve a goal.  What is your goal?

A word of caution.  The question is, “How will you know you are doing BETTER?” not, “How will you know you are perfect?”.  You may read the two questions as subtle distinctions, especially when it comes to setting a goal, but the distance between better and perfect is vast.

So once more:

What do you wish to do better?

How will you know it is better?


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