What’s Going ON???

Have you ever had one of those lightening bolt, “Wow, I could have…” moments when you look back on what you said or did and thought to yourself, “Boy, did I miss that one big time?”

I have. (Let’s be honest, more often than I care to admit.)

Yesterday it happened again. Let me explain.

It all started when a regular reader unsubscribed to the new weekly blog digest. In the grand scheme of things one reader isn’t the end of the world. It was the reason she unsubscribed that got me – she didn’t understand the new blog or what it was for. “What is this, “How to Do Anything Better”?” she asked. “I thought you were all about Feldenkrais.”

And then it hit me, while I’ve understood what I’m doing with “How to Do Anything Better”, I haven’t explained it to you…

I mean, what was I thinking — that you would just intuit my purpose??

So, time to set the record straight, time to “do this better” (sorry….couldn’t resist).

Today, I’m here to give you the scoop. I’m here to spill the beans on a whole new concept within the Feldenkrais realm. (Well, new to you perhaps but not new to the Method.)

You see, Feldenkrais isn’t just about movement. In fact, it’s not about movement at all. Sacrilege! Not about movement? Then why all that rolling around??

Moshe Feldenkrais himself often said his Method was NOT about movement. Movement was just the way he used to convey his message which in a nutshell is learning how to learn.

Remember that old adage about giving a man a fish? It lets him eat for one day. But if you teach him how to fish, he can feed himself for a lifetime.

Well that’s my goal. To help you learn how to do anything BETTER. Not just movement, but anything your heart desires. The best way to do that is to teach you the secrets behind what makes the Feldenkrais Method work. I want to hand you the keys to learning so you can apply the principles of the Method to whatever it is you wish to do or do better.

In the process of handing you the keys to the Feldenkrais kingdom (or queendom if you so prefer), I’d like to share with you the inklings of my deepest desire – to write a book that will release these principles to the world. I want to bring Moshe’s legacy to it’s proper and logical conclusion, to apply it to life itself and not just movement.

I hope you’ll follow along as I write the book and post each new chapter right here in this blog. Eventually I’ll be moving this blog to another platform and opening up the comments section. (Update: We made the move, come check it out!But I get ahead of myself. So follow along and see the book materialize before your eyes – week by week, drawing by drawing. Hope you have as much fun with seeing it develop as I have writing it.


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