In the Trenches

Habits keep us sane. Imagine having to think about every detail as you tie your shoe, climb the stairs, eat your dinner, click the remote. You’d be consumed by tiny individual tasks and life would become unlivable.

The magnitude of all that attending is more than overwhelming. Yet, attention is how we change. Attention and willpower. As much as we would all LOVE a magic pill, bullet, therapy, you name it to make our fat melt, our bodies sculpt, our relationships happy, NOTHING is going to happen without old fashioned elbow grease.

Think of your habits at ruts. The stronger the habit, the deeper the rut. The deeper the rut, the more you have to work to dig a replacement. So to swap out a habit that isn’t serving you for one that does, start digging.

What does that digging look like? Simply it’s catching yourself in the act of slipping into auto-pilot and then CHOOSING to do something different. Easier said than done? Perhaps. That’s why I always recommend shifting habits one divot at a time. If you create a tiny change, followed by another and then another, you gradually build your desired habit and the digging isn’t quite as demanding.

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