When I was an infant my parent’s car slid off the road and I went flying. At 12, I fell getting on the school bus and gashed my leg down to the bone. And once I walked into a flagpole because my attention was on an amazing harvest moon. Such are the stories of my life.

But do any of them matter? Are any of them the “cause” of what’s going on with me today?

Maybe, maybe not. And in the grand scheme of things all my stories are just that – stories. They don’t mean a rip to improving what I am doing because they are all in the past. I can’t change what happened. Neither can you.

And you know what? It isn’t important. What is important is acknowledging where you are right this minute and going forward from there. Drop your story because it doesn’t serve you and may actually hinder you from achieving your goals. As writer Paul Ingraham states…

“Every time you add another link in the chain of reasoning between a symptom and its proposed cause, you increase the complexity and the chance of error exponentially.”

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