Lessons from the Edsel

Remember the Edsel?  Me neither, but I remember hearing about it.  Looking back people marveled at how advanced it was.  Unfortunately, it was a case of  too much, too soon.  Folks couldn’t wrap their minds around something that far beyond their sheltered imaginations.  So a great idea fizzled.

The same thing happened with alternative fuels.  The technology existed back in the 70s to make a start toward developing solar and other forms of “clean” power.  But did it happen?  No.  The collective vision and drive just weren’t there.

So what does this have to do with you achieving your goals?  Everything.  If you spend all your time trying to achieve the next BIG thing, you might miss your opportunity to achieve the next small thing.  It’s the little steps along the way that lead to the big leaps.  After all, Neil Armstrong couldn’t have taken that giant leap on the moon if years of effort, many hours of manpower and many unmanned missions hadn’t gone before.

So set your sites on the next logical goal, and then the next, and then the next, until…

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