Play is Serious Business

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct.” – Carl Jung

What does play look like to you? Interesting question isn’t it?

Most of the people I ask separate play from work with play being reserved for times outside of work and duties. Sad, really, when you think how much of our lives we give over to drudgery and how precious little is devoted to play. Yet, play is how we learn. Play is the, well, playground, of creativity of the new. And of joy. Want more happiness in your life? Play more!

Ha, I hear you saying. You don’t have my boss or my deadlines or… Ah, but I do. I also know that play is more an attitude, a way of engaging with life than a set time or task or “fun” activity. Think of the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, Stephen Hawking. Each and every one allowed his mind to wander, to look at things differently, to wonder and to focus. In other words – each of these men set about their play and called it their life’s work. Play is authentic work. It is the stuff of personal curiosity and inspiration. What would happen if you allowed yourself to play instead of work?

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