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A couple years ago, I reconnected with an old college friend, Bill Bellows, whom I hadn’t seen in years. Back in the day Bill and I used to philosophize about life and the meaning of it all – hey, it’s what we did in the 70s. Seems those early chats worked their magic on both of us, sending us into parallel universes that now seem to be converging.

For my part, I discovered the Feldenkrais Method and other manners of inquiry, drawn by the potency of paying attention. Bill did the same but from an organizational perspective. Beginning with the work of management guru Dr. Deming, Bill and his group at In2:Thinking have made thinking about thinking a focus of inquiry itself. They are bringing their ideas into the corporate world and guiding organizations to recognize what it is they do and how they can shift to be more effective, effortless and integrated. (Sound familiar??)

The more we talked the more I was taken by the similarities and relevance of our work. As I pondered, it struck me that to improve anything, ANYTHING at all, one had only adhere to a few key guides. Whether that anything is physical, organizational or interpersonal this site is dedicated to discovering the keys to success. Follow along as I take you on a journey to discover How To Do Anything – Better.

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