If you’re like most people the Feldenkrais Method is as confusing as it is to pronounce.  The name says nothing about what it does and if you’re at all like me, you want to know what the heck this crazy method can REALLY do for your child.  Let’s start with the pronunciation — Fell-Den-Christ (now subtract the t) — Fel-den-krais.  Really very simple once you know.

What does it do?  Simply, it helps to teach your child’s nervous system other possibilities for moving and being.  It honors the child for whom he or she is.  It isn’t about “fixing” because regardless your child’s disabilities, she isn’t broken.  Could he do things more easily? gain abilities? learn other ways of being?  Probably.  Does that translate into being a perfect human being?  She already is.  He’s already perfectly himself.  The Method is not about fixing or making “whole” or getting rid of behaviors you don’t like.  Nope, instead, it’s about optimizing what is available to each person.   It is a way of learning to learn.  It helps each child fill in those developmental gaps that their life experiences and disabilities didn’t afford them the opportunity to explore for themselves.  The Method gives your child, and you, the opportunity to dwell in the realm of possibilities.  Who knows what you’ll discover when you let go of expectation and shift into exploration.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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