Building a Better Student

The educational system could benefit from a little shaking up – literally.  Researchers have long known that the more senses you engage in the learning process the more readily you learn and the longer you will retain the information.  Now educators – the ones who work in schools with young children – are showing that adding movement to lessons can have a powerful impact on educational outcomes.

One such teacher is Karen Saura.  Her story of integrating movement into her lessons is both inspiring and encouraging.  Here is a link to her site and her story.  It’s worth the few minutes it takes to listen to her tell about her experience in the classroom.  Then check out the links to videos of her class in action.  Karen offers a powerful role model for dynamic teaching.

Interested in a Feldenkrais specific approach to teaching in the classroom?  Fellow Feldenkrais practitioner Catherine Rosasco Mitchell brings movement to school children in Hawaii.  She documents some of her  tips in her book, “A New Sensory Self-Awareness.”  It is available through Feldenkrais Resources.

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