Dance is the New 70

What does 70 look like?  Not what it used to.  And with body awareness and regular lessons, the sky is the limit.

Back in the 1970s, Chloe Scott and a group of Feldenkrais trainees created and performed a dance for Moshe.  Some 45 years later, members of the original “troupe” are still strutting their stuff.  Here is a link to their amazing performance.  Note that two of the dancers are in their 70s and the third is 50.  If ever there were an advertisement for the benefits of regular Feldenkrais lessons, this is it.

The actual dance begins just after the 9:50 mark but it’s worth listening to Chloe Scott tell the story of how the Dymaxion Dancers got their start.  The movements in this dance are a compilation of movements used in Awareness Through Movement lessons and follow a more or less developmental sequence.  I hope you enjoy!

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