Movement Nature Meant, Part I

In a series of on-line videos (, Ruthy Alon, one of Dr. Feldenkrais’s original students,  demonstrates a “fast” forward composition of Awareness Through Movement® lessons along with a description of the Method and a bit about her experience working with Moshe Feldenkrais.  It’s hard to believe Ruthy was in her 60s when this video was produced.  As you watch these lessons unfold, observe that they begin with very simple motions that become increasingly complex,  while always stepping back to repeat, clarify and reinforce the ease of earlier movements.  All are done with minimal effort.  The lessons as shown have been speeded up — in a typical class, a lesson would be taught at a much slower pace.  Shown as they are, the lessons appear as a modern dance.  All are beautiful examples of the suppleness and ability of the human body to move.  Who says you can’t grow older gracefully and elegantly??


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