A Revolution in Education?

The new book, “The Talent Code”, is all the buzz in the Feldenkrais community.  Seems Moshe was on to something. True learning takes more than sitting in a classroom or mimicking an instructor.  It takes engagement – full engagement.

From the author’s blog, excellence happens when results are:

1. Replicable – can the action be repeated?  In the Feldenkrais world, we speak of reversibility – the ability to stop a movement at any point and reverse it by following the same path back to the starting point.  It’s learning what it is you do and how you do it.

2.  Controllable – do you bring awareness to your actions so you can begin to choose at finer and smaller levels what it is you do?

3.  Connective – forget the big result and focus on the foundations.  “Are you breathing” for instance.  How does a movement well up from intention into action?  What are the basic elements and how do they connect?

This, in essence, is Awareness Through Movement.  Those simple little movements we do with intention and awareness lead to greater connection and greater ease.

Though not written by a Feldenkrais practitioner, or even written in sensory language, the book has a number of insights that might make your time on the floor even more intriguing.

To see a bit of what the book is about check out author Daniel Coyle’s link: http://thetalentcode.com/

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